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You could say I have trouble picking one creative love and you’d be right. Over the years my path has been pretty winding, running the gamut from film and television acting, to illustration and painting and photography and back again.

A literature student with a flare for drama…who drew pen sketches of scenes in her head and carried a camera at her side…I never could choose only one.

In 2012, I was tremendously lucky to land an audition for a dream role, a dark and sensitive yet surprisingly strong girl who I got to help create. The show would air on national television as the NBC drama Siberia. The characters I have played have been truly diverse in nature. A trapped circus performer, a devoted wife on her deathbed, a backwoods Depression-era girl, an anarchist cult member, an astral projectionist, and lost millennial. This past year I joined the cast of The Forgetting Curve, a brilliant play in development by Vanda as a talented, self-centered neurologist. Go figure.